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Drunk Driving Accident: Could Have Been Worse
Fort Collins, Colorado

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Another reason not to drink and drive.  In August of 2004, just before my 21st. birthday I was in an accident with my 96 Honda Accord.  After an evening of drinking at a friends I decided I was ok to drive home.  Just because I didn't feel too drunk didn't mean I wasn't impared.  I took a back country road that I wasn't too familiar with home to avoid the cops.  It was a long strait away so I decided to lay into the gas a bit.  It was cruising around 95 mph when a 35 mph turn came up.  I slammed on the brakes but there was no chance.  It happened so fast I didn't know what hit me.  When I opened my eyes my car was filled with gas from the air bags and I could hardly breath.  I tried to roll down my window but it was gone.  My face began to sting from the tiny glass shards embedded in my skin.  What had just happened?  In that split second, I had gone off the road and through two fences skidding another 90 feet or so to a stop in an empty field.  The first fence was barb wire. When my car hit the post it impaled the middle of the windshield while the barb wire wrapped around my car so tightly it flung the driver's side view mirror through my window past my face to where I found it on the front passenger seat floor.  I went through the second fence only six feet to the right of a tree and then continued skidding into the field. 

      I became filled with fear as I realized what had just happened.  I am going to jail with a DUI.  No, I have to try and play this off.  When the state trooper arrived I did my best to not breath on him or act drunk.  I let my real emotions of shock take over as I explained that a "deer" had run in front of me.  I admitted to speeding and the officer did the finger test on me.  Somehow luck was on my side as I passed the test and did not have to take a breathalizer.  I just got handed my one get out of jail free card. 
       I later realized more importantly that I was not hurt other than some minor glass in the face.  I could have hit that tree while I was still going pretty fast, been impaled by the fence post, or even worse hurt someone else.  Please, Please, don't drink and drive.  I escaped injury, jail, and death.  You may not be so lucky.

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