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Race in Volvo 850 After Concert
Littleton, Colorado

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Volvo 850 Crash

This accident happend in September 2005, in Littleton, Colorado around 4:30pm.

I was going along after just coming home from a concert. I decided the guy behind me was getting irritating and thought I would show off. I challanged him to a race in my new (to me) 1994 Volvo 850. I got going about 80mph in the currently 40mph zone. Someone then cut me off and I swerved onto the shoulder to avoid an accident. I was going to pass them and get back on but their intentions were to keep that from happening. They sped up and blocked me onto the shoulder. I prepared to brake as I saw a blinker ahead (they were turning right in front of me since I was on the shoulder). They turned quickly and I thought I was in the clear when suddenly the next car turned without warning. I slammed on my breaks and smashed into the curb and then broadsided the car (a 1991 buick century) at somewhere from 70-80mph, launching him accross the intersection threw a bench, an electrical box, a fence and into someones shed. I then flew accross the street and managed to slide sideways up a wheelchair ramp into a pole, up onto someones lawn, and into a tree.

Luckily neither of us had passangers or both would have been killed. When the wreck was over three of my doors were jammed shut and I was forced to crawl out the passenger side door. The man I hit was unscathed and I only had a 3x3in burn on my wrist from the airbag. We were both very lucky. I lost my license for 4 months. (was originally going to be 2 years) and my insurance is sky high. I was charged with reckless driving and speed exibition.

I had the car for a total of 3 weeks and had ordered over $2000 in parts that hadden't even arrived yet. Let alone I haden't even paid off the car. I will never get to see the car again.

Volvo now has my loyalty. By all means I should have been dead but I came out nearly unharmed. They are tanks and when I get my license back in four months I am planning on buying another one. But this time I will keep the racing to the tracks. And I hope everyone who reads this will learn from my mistake and do the same. I never thought I would reck, I consider myself a good if not great driver. But no matter how good of a driver you are and no matter how fast your reactions are, you can never tell what other people are going to do. And this story proves that point. -- Tibursio



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