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Broken Bones and Fractures in Car Accidents
A large number of car accidents result in broken bones and serious fractures- as a look around this website will evidence. Broken bones that result from auto accidents are often more severe than fractures from simple falls or other incidents. This is because the forces acting on the body in a car accident are often extreme. Serious fractures sustained in automobile collisions are more likely to require surgery, as they may involve serious crush injuries or multiple fractures requiring reconstructive surgery along with metal hardware to secure bones. The human body however is amazingly resilient! And although therapy may be long modern surgical techinques along with advances in medical treatment mean that more people can recover and live normal lives.

If you break a bone in a car accident it is almost always worth it to contact a lawyer. A broken arm or leg may seem like a straightforward insurance matter, but the long period of physical therapy, complexity of the surgery, pain and suffering and any permanent loss of mobility make these injuries prime candidates for the insurance comapnies to try and lower the amount of compensation. A good car accident attorney will be able to 1) Locate all the available insurance coverage, often several policies to cover the injuries and; 2) Will be able to collect the available money from the insurer by presenting your claim with full documentation of the entire course of treatment and all the issues encountered including liens for medical expenses.

How much is my Broken Bone Claim Worth?

Although it is hard to set a value, insurance companies will usually have a number in mind based on the nature and extent of your injuries, as well as missed work and future incapacity. Without an attorney, the insurer will try and settle your claim for lowest figure possible. That is the reality of most insurance claims.

Serious broken bone injuries such as broken legs, pelvis, skull fractures can results in awards or settlements substantially over $100,000. Minor fractures such as hand, arm, rib, collar bone injuries can result in awards under $30,000. These figures are general estimates and the award you may ultimately receive will depend on the facts of your specific claim.

Types of Broken Bone Injuries:

Broken Legs:

In a car accident, the leg is often thrown forward into the steering column, dashboard or other hard structure. Compensation for a broken leg is often be very high, with a broken leg, you cannot walk and may not be able to work or function in your daily routine activities. Broken legs may often require revision surgery or need to be set. Leg injuries are universally acknowledged as being extremely painful.

Broken Hand or Wrist Victims

The wrist is essential for most day to day activities and although common, a broken wrist will often result in a substantial settlement. The amount will depend on whether the injury is in the dominant hand and how severely work and your range of motion is restricted.

Broken Arm Accident Victims

Having a broken arm is a painful, disconcerting experience. As with hand and wrist fractures, broken arms restrict your ability to perform day to day tasks and work efficiently. These are highly compensated injuries.

Types of Bone Fractures:

Compound Fracture
: Compound fractures occur when the bone breaks through the skin. These are particularly dangerous and unpleasant injuries.
Avulsion Fracture: An avulsion fracture is when a tendon that attaches a muscle to a bone pulls a piece of the bone apart.
Simple Fracture: Refers to regular broken bones that are cracked and separate inside the skin.
Comminuted Fracture: Fractures in which the bone breaks into many small pieces or fragments. These may require metal plates to repair.
Buckle Fracture: Part of the bone buckles and ruptures, but doe snot break into pieces.
Greenstick Fracture: Are small cracks within the bone, not complete fractures. Cracked bones.
Hairline Fractures: Small fault lines in the bone, but the bones remain connected.

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