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Mazda Miata Accident

Hello, my name is Shana, I hope you can include these pictures on you website. I was a passenger in this 1991 mazda miata (soft top). My boyfriend was driving. He had actually just put this car back together, he had it completely apart for painting and for an engine swap. I remember we were joking around one day as I picked up a wobbely fender and said if we ever crashed we would definitely die. Anyhow, the car got put back together.

We were driving home late this night, about 2 in the morning on Rt. 9 South in Poughkeepsie, NY. My brother was along side of us in his jeep in the left lane, one car ahead of him, and one ahead of us in the right lane. My boyfriend got in front of my brother and his car started to slide back in the other lane ( we were going about 55mph), he managed to get in front of the car in the right lane but then the car started to turn back again, it started to spin back into the other lane, it was sideways actually and it looked like we gonna hit a guard rail that went above the north bound side of 9. The car that was in front of my brother, a pickup truck, who we were a few car lengths ahead of did not stop. She hit us and the miata went backwards putting the rear in line with the part of the guard rail that came out of the ground. We went straight up it, cartwheeling in between two trees and rolling 2 more times until the car landed upside down into a drainage ditch.

My boyfriend needed 2 sets of stitches in his knee, and cracked his scapula. I on the other hand got ejected, don't remember much except for seeing the guardrail and the top of trees behind it, thinking it was going to be very far down. I closed my eyes, felt like I was on a rollercoaster, and heard my brother screaming my name, which woke me up. It's kind of interesting that when I was waking up I could have been home in bed for all I knew, but then reality set in.

I couldn't answer him, I had the wind knocked out of me like nothing I ever knew, when he and my boyfriend did find me, I was laying parallel to the car, I tried to get up and I couldn't move. I couldn't lift my neck, or my legs or arms. That has got to be the scariest part, I was sure that was it for me. My boyfriend hugged me and said he was sorry, he had blood on his face, which was my blood from the side of my head. My brother then said he was going to kill my boyfriend, and went for him, he was stopped. It was a terribly emotional painful scarey experience.

I am very lucky. I had a hard time lifting my left leg for a while, disk problems, and a shoulder blade thats still hurting me almost a year later.

I understand everyone's belief in seatbelts, but I for once was lucky I wasn't wearing one. I'm the girl who makes everyone put their seatbelts on. This day I was not wearing one, of all the days of being careful. The passernger seat was pushed out of the rear of the soft top. It rolled that direction a few times, and landed passenger side deep into the ditch, which I am positive would have been my head.

I still wear my seatbelt like clockwork, and make everyone wears theirs. But this day, not wearing one I do believe saved my life. Here are some more pictures.

Oh! and the pickup truck girl along with her psycho father sued my boyfriend, called our house 20 times in one day 5 days after the accident, harrased my boyfriend at work, made sure he got a ticket a month later, showed up at the court date, all for a dent on her bumper. "you could have killed my daughter", thats what he said. Moron.

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