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Racing Accident: Subaru 04 W.R.X. Impreza
Longbranch, Wisconsin

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Subaru  W.R.X. Impreza

Well this is not good to start with, I had bought this car on the 26 th of april at 7:15 pm and then it all happend.... i was playing around with it in longbranch, wa ...on my way home at about 7:15 pm a dumb fat 19yr old female pulled out in front of me when i was going 55mph...she never stoped at the stop sign and was racing her bro that had already went across. well i hit her in the door and lost my car all in 24 had about $7,000 in to it after i bought it like some profmance parts put me at about 716 hspower and about 1.9 0-60mph and at 3.75 on the .25 mile (210mph) estemated by machine. I WAS MAD!!!!! and they paid hardley any money back to me!!! Next car is a hummer (MAybe I WILL DRIVE AWAY FROM THIS ONE)?!?!!?!?!?!?!?

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Comments from viewers:

Posted 2/21/08 The first thing I have to ask is what time did this accident happen? Its says he bought the car and crashed it a 7:15pm?? wich one is it? are there two different dates? Then he says he has $7,000 into the car? being a Subaru enthusist. looking at the engine bay.
That is a Stock intercooler. You can't have 700HP in that car with that Intercooler (unless it was all Nitro then it would not be Close to $7,000 more like 1500)
The tire and rim set up on that car would not allow it to reach not to 60 in under 4 seconds let alone 210 MPH.  Wich would not really work considering the body is stock and the Drag Co of the car would not let it past 195mhp. thats all thanks

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