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Olds Achieva hits deer
Marion, Indiana

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I was driving 50-55 MPH on State Road 9 when a deer crossed my path and I hit it. I didn't have time to even react,

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Deer Killed by Car
Note Deer in Right Background

This accident happened on 11-21-2004. I was driving 50-55 MPH on State Road 9 when a deer crossed my path and I hit it. I didn't have time to even react, as I didn't see the deer until after I was already in the process of hitting it. It jumped down from a hill to the right. The deer rolled up my windshield and over my car. About 30 seconds after I hit it, the guy behind me hit a different, smaller deer. It didn't hurt his car as much as it did mine, but my deer was a lot bigger. Oh and the deer knocked my deer whistles off my car, LOL, yeah... those don't work. You can see the deer in the background of the picture, to the right. I drove the car an hour home and we will be taking it in this week to see what all needs fixed.

This is my second collision with a deer, my other was about 2 years ago with a Mercury Cougar, and I was driving a bit too fast on a country road (85 *gulp*) and hit the deer. It made my car spin around and go into the ditch. The deer pushed my radiator up into the engine. The cop said it was a really big buck. I seem to find the biggest ones to hit... Too bad I'm not a hunter :P

Car in picture: 1993 Oldsmobile Achieva
Marion, IN

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