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Volvo Accident
189 Stiches

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Volvo Accident

These are pictures of my very first wreck. It was Halloween of 2002 and our school was having a homecoming parade directly after school. I caught a ride with one of my school girlfriends. Well, my girlfriend, who was the owner of the car, got a invite to work on the Junior float in the parade at the last minute and couldn't take me or the other girl home, so she left her car in my care.

I was only 15 at the time so of course i wasnt legal to drive, but i drove anyways. My other girlfriend who was in the car was 16 but had her license suspended for too many wrecks. Well we headed to my house and got dressed in our Halloween outfits. The owner of the car called when we were almost ready and told us to come pick her up. So we left and headed her way. About 2 1/2 miles away from my house, we came up on a slow Dodge Dart.

I waited until we rounded the curve and then, when it was clear, i went to pass him. He was going about 30 mph so speeding up was easy. When i got up next to him, he began to speed up really fast and wouldn't let us infront of him. The cars behind him had already closed behind him, leaving me no choice but to speed up and get infront of him. I looked down at the speedometer and i was going about 79-80 mph.

When i looked back up, there was a new Prelude coming head on for me so i jerked the car back into my legal lane and lost control. I remember being on two wheels at once and then i blacked out. We hit a deep ditch and flipped end over end once, and then hit a tree, causing us to flip side to side, the we landed on the roof of the car and slid, hit a stump (which did the damage to the roof) causing it to peel back like a sardiene can and flipping us one more time, end over end, before coming to a stop against an electric pole. I swear that i must have had tons of angels around our car because i wasnt wearing a seatbelt, and neither was the other girl. She walked out sore but that was it. I, on the other hand, was carried out by my older brother, 17, who saw the entire thing. I got... right crushed knee cap, 189 stitches, bit off tongue and 9 broken fingers, but i made it! I am perfectly fine now, except for the emotional problems that i go through. "My Savior" is what i call was a 1989 mustard colored Volvo. Hard as a rock!

-Southern 2-25-03

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