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Drunk Driving Accident: Fatal Crash
Chicago, Illinois-- See Pics Below
"they were going 120 mph at the time... rounded a curve... no one noticed the semi truck in their lane"

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Fatal Drunk Driving Accident
Police on the Scene of Fatal Drunk Driving crash

Drinking and driving really kills. This happened to four young friends of mine right around November of 2003. There was a get-together, so to speak, at another friend of mine's house, there was some drinking envolved but no one was going to drive after that. Two girls said later on that they were leaving and assured us that they would not be driving, a friend was coming to pick them up. Their friend indeed came by and they left, little anyone knew, that the driver was already heavily intoxicated and should not have been driving. With the driver was one of his friends that came with him, so it totaled to 4 people in the car, the 2 guys in front, including the driver and the girls in the back.

They left and about 40 minutes later my friend got the call from one of they girls that they got into a really bad accident on highway 290 just outside of the city of Chicago. The girl sounded hysterical; we took off to the accident site and what we found you can see on the pictures, as you see it's not a pretty site.

What happened was, they were driving way too fast, police report said that they were going 120 mph at the time, and as they rounded a curve on the highway no one noticed the semi truck that was in their lane; they tried to swerve but it was too late, I don't think that they had time to brake, so they slammed into the back of the semi with the driver side of the car. The high bumper on the semi trailer literally sliced the roof off the car as they slid underneath the truck, and just threw the driver out of the car (he was not wearing seat belts). Driver ended up about 50 feet from the car, killed instantly, the girl sitting behind the driver got serious injuries, mostly head injuries, due to the roof being pushed back, she died in the hospital 4 days later. The front passenger walked away from the accident, just minor scrapes and bruises, as well as the rear passenger that was sitting behind the front passenger; the two were treated and released the next day.

Let me tell you something, after what i have seen there, being there myself and seeing the aftermath....being a heavy-footed driver i no longer have urge to fly, and no more drinking and driving, and i'm talking not even a sip (for me drinking and driving is actually a little sip of beer)

Thank you for the time, i hope people get the message, no one wants to lose friends like that. Tony, Chicago, IL

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Don't Get Behind the wheel if you drink!!! John S. Teen Driver 11/20/07

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