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This 2001 Volvo V70XC AWD went of the road at a speed of approx. 60 mph, broke through a barbed wire fence, hit a tree, did one and a half (or was it two and a half?) rollovers and ended up against yet another tree, landing on its roof, 60 feet off the road. The driver and all four passengers climbed out of the wreck with only minor cuts and bruises. Four of them wore seat belts.

The only airbag deployed - correctly so - was the left hand head and shoulder curtain (see picture). There was hardly any intrusion into the passenger cabin, as can be seen on the photos of the interior. The driver and rear right-hand door could still be opened.

Still this seems like a miracle. I certainly recommend to order this car with DSTC (Volvo's electronic stability program), which was not available for this model in 2001 and which might have avoided the sudden loss of control of the vehicle, which occurred under conditions of heavy rain while taking a right curve on an ascending road at a considerable speed.


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