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1997 Pontiac Sunfire Driver Falls Asleep

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Pontiac Sunfire Crash Pics

Here are photos of my "ex" car. On May 16, 2001, my boyfriend was traveling on the Dulles Toll Road in Northern Virginia. He was driving my 1997 Pontiac Sunfire GT. It was our only car at the time. He had been up working on his truck the night before so that he and I could have two automobiles.

Point being, he was so exhausted the next day that he fell asleep driving. From what I was told from the police, my boyfriend was traveling between 70-75 mph in the left lane when he dozed off. He sideswiped the left jersey wall first and this caused him to wake up. He remembers trying to regain control of the car but with no luck. It was then that the car shot to the right across all four lanes of traffic hitting the dividing, middle jersey wall between the two sides of the highway head on. The car then flipped between 3-5 times. Fortunately, no other cars were involved being that it was so early in the morning. The injuries he sustained were broken sternum, broken ribs, broken bone above front top teeth, missing teeth, broken teeth, split open head, air bag burns, and a part of his bottom lip was sliced off. He is lucky to be alive and what injuries remain are only cosmetic.

Submitted 29 April 2002

Shannon D.

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