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Mustang Accident:
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

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Mustang Mess

On May 18th 2002 I was driving along a 3 lane highay (US1) on my way to blockbuster. I was stopped at a stop light when the light turned green I was feeding onto (US1) going around a turn off of sunrise, when my car hit a patch of oil that was brought up from the first rainstorm in awile. The car lost control and spun around backwards hitting a bus bench in front of Fudruckers. The car was totaled at speeds around 40-45 miles per hour, to fast for the conditions even though the speed limit was 45.

Both me and my friend Chris walked away without suffering any injuries other than the first few days of back pains and emotional scars. If anyone was in the back they would have been killed. There was nothing left in the back. And no matter as much as i tell myself that i couldve done something different or that it was my fault, it was and its something Ill have to live with and I hope this will help future and current drivers all around to think before they make the same mistakes as I and so many other drivers have before.

I want to thank God for watching out for me that dreadful day and for keeping me alive so i can still be with my family and my girl friend and everyone else.

Thanks for your time

-Matt G

Submitted 10 June 2002


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