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Fatal Crash Caused by Drunk Driver: Hit Head-on killing 6 people
Czech Republic

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Czech crash accident

I send you a short description of one of the worst accidents through last weeks.. Only the culprit and a baby survives!!!

All happened on Sat August 28, 2004 early in the morning. Two families (4 adult and 3 children) from northern Bohemia travelled in Renault Nevada on a vacation to Slovakia when a drunken driver in Ford Transit van going in an opposite direction 60+ mph and overtaking hit their car head-on killing 6 people in Renault. The only one surviving from Renault was one year old baby sleeping in the rear part of the car. Of course drunken driver suffered only minor injuries.

This happened on a new stage of road I/35 from Litomysl to Svitavy in a long curve where drivers are tempted to drive faster and cannot see as far as the bend ends. The overtaking drunken driver told to the police that he was "taken by surprise" with Renault which was driving correctly in its lane on this two-way road. The only thing that reminds this horror is 120 feet long braking track from the Ford van (evidence which the police determined the speed from)..

But maybe someone or all of Renault passenger could be alive if they were wearing seat-belts and children sat in babys seats. Yes, unfortunately no one used those!

As if it is not enough after our hockey magician and couch Ivan Hlinka died in a car accident two weeks ago.. He was not wearing seatbelts too!!

So people DON'T DRINK & DRIVE and wear SEATBELTS!!! It saves lives

Be careful, Mikky


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