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Chevy Blazer: Coffee Vicodin
Haslett, Michigan

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Blazer Crash in Woods

In mid-January, I purchased the first vehicle I had ever owned on my own, a 1999 Chevy Blazer. I was very proud of my truck considering I am a single 32 yr old mother, and had never owned a vehicle on my own. I spent a lot of money decorating my truck to make it look neat, and it was gently cared for.

On the night of March 18, I was suffering from a bad abcessed tooth, and couldn't sleep. Approximately 5 am, I had had enough, and decided to take a Vicodin to numb the pain and try to sleep. Around 7 am, I remembered I had parent-teacher conferences, but I was still under the effects of the Vicodin, so I tried to counteract the effects and drank a whole pot (12 cups) of coffee, and went on my way to the conferences. During the meetings, I continued to drink another 3-4 cups of coffee, then about 2 hours later I began to drive home.

I live about 5 miles from the school district that my children attended school, and I always took a long, country road from Haslett (where I live) to Okemos (where the schools are). I remember turning from the busy street to the country road (Cornell). I remember feeling really tired and yawning continuously, and I remember feeling dizzy and trying to pull my truck to the side. The last thing I remember is thinking the truck was going into a ditch. Well, it did, only it was a swamp also. It turned out the truck went into a deep ditch and 100 feet into a swamp and was stopped by a tree.

There is a large contradiction to this story though. The police claim it was a seizure, and shortly thereafter I lost my license for 6 months according to state law. I don't believe it was a seizure because I was conscious enough to know I was trying to pull my truck off the road. Several of us have decided that when my truck went into the ditch, it was approximately 2.5-3 feet from
the road into the swamp, and I must have hit my head and went unconscious, therefore not remembering anything about the paramedics. I obtained the medical records from the hospital, and it didn't show a seizure, which usually continues to show signs for 24 hours. I visited my doctor, and he
basically threw his hands up not wanting to deal with me.

The truck ended up having $8,000 in damages (no pictures of that, the truck was taken in and fixed before I could get pictures), and it turns out that if I didn't have a bull bar on the front, I would have gone through the windshield. Ironically, when I bought that bar, the owner of the shop I bought it from said 'dont expect it to save your life, it may just only kill a deer, but its only to look good.' Well, I'm here to say it saved me!

Keyt H.
Haslett Michigan

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