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Massive Medical Bills: Honda Crash

medical bills surpassing $700,000

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Massive Medical Bills: Honda Crash

On March 4, 2006 my little brother was the driver of this vehicle.  He was about a block and a half from his driveway after a night of rain and "fun".  His injuries consisted of three broken ribs, ruptured spleen, ruptured diaphragm, lesion on pancreas, bruised kidneys, back fractures, collapsed lung.  His stomach and ruptured spleen were pushed up into his lung cavity.  After his helicopter ride to a different city he under went emergency surgery and they left him open for over twenty-four hours before taking him back to the O.R. 

He was on a ventillator for over a week and faced trouble when trying to wein him from it.  Later placed a trach.  He lay in S.I.C.U. for eleven days and doesn't remember a whole lot about it.  He had many tubes.  They were in his chest, colon, and stomach.  He at one time had thirteen i.v. bags running.  He came home after eighteen days with a trach, g-tube, j-tube, and many many scars.  His condition was still scary even then. 

After three months he is still working on recovery.  Not to mention the finacial burden that goes a long with on going insurance letigations with the cost of his medical bills surpassing $700,000, as well as legal issues.  Now if one person would read this story and it prevent them from being another statistic or traveling the troubled road my brother has, it has been worth my time!

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