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Dodge Shadow Curve Crash
Crossville, Tennessee

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Dodge Shadow Crash

My name is  Susan and this is what happened to me.

Location: Backroad around town in Cumberland County- Crossville, Tennessee Car: 1988 Dodge Shadow Date: Aug. 2006 Time: 9:30 A.M. Back in Aug. of 2006 I was driving my 1988 Dodge Shadow that I had just bought from a Amish friend for 200$ in July of 2006.  I had just gotten some food from the store and was going the backway through town to avoid the long red lights and the speed limit was 30 miles per hour and I was going about 20.  The road had a small curve then it opened up to a straight away.  Just as soon as I got around the curve and got on the straight away I seen this van coming from an apartment building and I thought he would stop but he just keep coming so I swerved over to the far left hand side and even into the other lane to dodge him but he still hit me.  

The force of him hitting me pushed my car into the ditch across the roadway. The reason I went into the ditch was when he hit me it broke my axel and pushed the right front tire up under the strut as you will see in one of the photos when it did this my steering went haywear and I went into the ditch. When I went into the ditch I came back out into the roadway sideways.  After I had gotten out and looked at my car I knew it was totaled. the guy told the cops it was his fault and that he did not see me cause he was color blindand was talking on the phone. I found out later he lost his driving privileges.  I had my dad and my husband with me when this happened. my dad was in the back seat behind my husband on the passenger side rear. my husband was in the passenger seat and I was driving. we were all wearing our seat belts. It he had hit us further down on the sides there is no doubt in my mind that my hubby or dad would have been hurt. The guys insurance gave me 600$ and said my car was totaled cause it broke my axel and pushed the strut up inside the car frame and bent the frame and with it being so old it was totaled.  I loved that little car and it was good on gas. Best 200$ I ever spent but at least we did not get hurt.  The van the guy hit me with just put a small dent into the bumper of his van. he still has his van but my car is sitting.  I only had liability insurance but now I have full coverage. Please watch what you are doing when you are pulling out of a driveway and make sure nothing is coming before trying to pull out.   I have photos of my car but not his. Thanks .  Susan S. from Sparta, Tennessee.

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