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Hit By Drunk Driver:
why It feels like i was hit by a 3,000 pound brick at 60mph!
Florida Keys

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Hit By Drunk

I was driving at 4pm in the Florida Keys on 1-30-07 and stopped at a stop light when a drunk driver hit me from behind. I saw the car coming "fast & squrrelly" so I knew something was wrong. I had just enough time to look foward in order to straighten out my head and neck & lift my arms off the steering wheel and my feet away from the pedals. Then the impact "POW". The loudest noise and most violent force I've ever experienced. I was hit soo hard my head rest bent backwards far enough to break the glass in the single cab truck i was driving. Then I was pushed into the car in front of me. But the second impact did not deploy the airbag immeadiately, so my forehead hit the\ steering wheel, then the airbag went off, blowing a cloud of white smoke and shards of airbourne glass
into my wounds. I thought to myself "Gee thanks Mr. Air bag, thanks for nothing" since I had already been in contact with 2 cars BEFORE it decided to deploy. At first i thought the airbag powder was smoke, so I exited the vehicle, convinced the truck was going to blow "sky high" like in the movies. I played "Frogger" to get to the median without getting ran over. Once there I mouthed and mimed to a couple to call 911, holding to hand to my ear as if i had a cellphone.

They apparently got the hint and broke out of the shock of seeing the accident and called 911. After that, all I could do is lie down on the grassy median and watch myself bleed to death. So, this is how it all ends, i told myself, as i literally watered the grass with my blood. I estimate that i had lost at least 4 pints before the paramedics arrived. I was taken the the hospital and my family took me out, 8 hours and 20 stiches later. On the ride home I went into shock and almost passed out. I ate some food and started to stabilize.

I had whiplash and while watching TV if i needed to move my head I would have to grab my hair with both hands in order to reposition my head manually, since my neck muscles were toast, that lasted 3 days. Two weeks later I had a nasty black eye. Nerves in my face were severed so one side of my face couldn't make facial expressions. 6 months later i'm 99% healed but with deep emotional fears of car accidents. That was by far the closest i've ever came to death. There was so much force involved that, if I didn't straighten out my head before impact my neck most certainly would have snapped like a twig. I was driving a Ford Ranger, She was driving a Jeep, which, unfortunately for me appears to have no crumple zones whatsoever!(see pic) That explains why It feels like i was hit by a 3,000 pound brick at 60mph!

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