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Ford F-150 Crash With Garbage Truck
Lakeland, Florida

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F 150 crash accident

These are pics at my husbands job of the truck after they towed it in the man is still alive and expected to be ok with some serious injuries please post if yu can thanks jennifer in lakeland florida. It's not easy to become the unluckiest and the luckiest man in Polk County, both in the same tick of time.

News story explained:
A Ford F-150 Pickup truck, was stopped at State Road 540 and DeCastro Road in Lakeland, FL when it was smashed underneath a refuse truck, right, and its load of trash Monday. The driver of the pickup survived the crash and the resulting fire. But Jody F. - who was sitting at a red light in his pickup truck when about 49 tons of combined garbage truck and garbage landed on his pickup - was undeniably the king of both ends of the luck spectrum Monday. About 1:15 p.m., Mr. F., a salesman for Conner Construction in Lakeland, was sitting in his truck in the southbound lane of DeCasto Road at the intersection of State Road 540, waiting for the light to change.

The driver of a Florida Refuse truck attempted to make a right turn from westbound SR 540 onto northbound DeCastro Road, into the county landfill. But the 36-ton truck, which was loaded with about 13 tons of garbage, tipped over. It landed smack dab on the cab of Mr. F's Ford F150 pickup. The pickup immediately caught fire. But if you had to pick a place to be pinned under a garbage truck and have your pickup truck catch on fire, this would be the place. There were all kinds of garbage trucks and other big trucks in the area - with fire extinguishers. Brooks S., was returning from lunch to the landfill. He had pulled onto DeCastro Road just before the garbage truck that overturned, then heard "a skid and a big crash." "From the beginning, I prayed he was alive," S. said. "It didn't look good." S. made a U-turn and joined four or five truck drivers with fire extinguishers in putting out the fire. "The truck was on fire and Mr. F was saying, 'My legs are hot, My legs are hot,' " Stayer said. It took a large, heavy-duty wrecker to get the garbage truck off the pickup.
The Jaws of Life were used to get Franks out of the crumpled pickup, while someone held his hand. Mr. F. wound up laying across the length of the seat, with his legs pinned and his head by the passenger door. Polk County sheriff's deputies said Mr. F appeared to have no life-threatening injuries. He was taken to Lakeland Regional Medical Center.
The Florida Refuse garbage truck was driven by 41-year-old Mike C. Deputies said he was cited for careless driving. Crittenden and a passenger in his truck who was not identified were both taken to Lakeland Regional, according to sheriff's officials.

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