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Chrysler LeBaron Turbo Crash: meets 96 Ford Truck
Chicago, Illinois

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Chrysler LeBaron Turbo Crash: meets 96 Ford Truck Chicago, Illinois

My friend Karl and I have loved 80's Chryslers. He has always loved his LeBarons especially the turbo ones. He found this 1989 Chrysler LeBaron Turbo Coupe outside of Chicago and had taken it for several test drives. He insisted on proving to me that this was a good car. It also was the first Chrysler he bought that had an airbag in it.

He bought the car on October 30, 2004 for $750. The car besides some minor side rust was pretty clean and very good for its age. Its 2.5L Turbo engine was absolutely mint and fast. Perfect car for the money he paid with. The previous owners liked Karl and told him that they were proud he was buying the car cause they said they knew he would take care of it. Coming back to town Karl told me he liked the power of the car cause it would be able to get through intersections faster... wrong thinking.

Just a few days later on Tue November 2, 2004 Karl and I were on our way to our friends parents restraunt in Belvidere, IL. Along Marengo Rd I was joking to Karl and he kept telling me that the car was getting mad. At the intersection of Marengo Rd, and Popular Grove Rd. We stopped at a stopsign, cross traffic doesnt stop, but my friend didnt pay attention when he looked and floored the gas getting the tires to spin and we crossed into the intersection.

We met a 1996 Ford F250 4dr dually, carrying a 24ft trailer with a Bobcat on it. It hit in the front driverside fender as we headed West and the truck was heading North. It spun our car around and sent the truck with its load into a ditch on the other side. The trailer dislodged hitting a telephone line and the bobcat landed sideways in the ditch.

Karl didnt know what hit us as he just saw the airbag and glass. I was in the passenger seat and saw the entire thing since I was just happened to look that way just as we moved into the intersection. It happened so fast. When we stopped we both got out of the car and my friend went into shock. Luckily I was able to get some other friends out there to take pics of the car while Karl was sent to the hospital. Both of us escaped with only minor cuts and bruises. I have more photos available on my website at

I can say now that I have a much deeper respect for intersections same as my friends do now. But I can never get that image of seeing the Trucks grill, airbag and glass out of my mind again.

Erik C.

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