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T Boned at 45Mph: Focus vs. SUV
Utica, Michigan

Ford Crashes

This Ford Focus wreck: Pic 2

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Ford focus car accident Michigan


Accident -- Utica, Michigan These are the pics and story of my first car accident. I am 24 years old, and had a very clean driving record up until this point.

I was making a left hand turn out of a store parking lot onto a 5 lane road. I had plenty of time to do it safely. At the last minute an SUV coming towards me decided to make a left hand turn into another parking lot directly across from me. No prior warning! When he whipped into the left turn lane, I stopped--hoping to avoid a collision. Unfortunately, I would have been better off turning. As I stopped, another SUV driven by an 18 year old girl T-boned my drivers side at a speed of 45mph. I think her view was blocked by the idiot who decided to turn at the last minute. Either way, I heard no horns or even any tire squealing, which led me to believe she never braked (maybe wasn't paying attention to the road...maybe on a cell phone, who knows? ) It all happened so fast, I didn't know what hit me. I heard a smash, felt a breeze and saw headlights inches from my face. There was glass everywhere. Of course the jerk that cut me off fled! I got out of my car through the passenger side door and desparately tried to flag down help. About 10 cars passed by before a pizza delivery boy stopped and lent me his cell phone. All those idiots who didn't even roll down windows to ask if we were alright....unbelievable!

I was taken to the hospital by ambulance as I was severely dizzy and disoriented. Neck, back and pelvic exrays revealed no breaks. I am severely sore, but not a single cut or bruise. The girl, on the other hand, ended up kissing the steering wheel of her car because her airbag didn't deploy. Other than a bloody nose and a case of shock, she seemed to be alright.

Her car's repairable, mine's probably not. The tow truck driver says the frame got pretty bent.

This car was my baby. To make matters worse....I got the ticket...155 bucks and two points on the record...for "failing to yeild". I disagree...fool that cut me off was really responsible. The cop said I was stopped in a traffic lane, so I was at fault. Justice...ha!

On an ironic note, I had just had new tires put on a couple weeks ago, and just got it back that day from the shop...a major defect that was recalled and fixed. Also, The night before this accident, I discovered this website and surfed it for over an hour. Never thought I'd have anything to add. Now I do...hope my story interests you as much as yours interested me. Peace

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