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Van Rear Ended Kia
Lubec, Maine

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Lubec Maine Crash

Location: Lubec, Maine Date: 10/11/05 Time: around 5:45p.m.

Type of accident: Van rear ended Kia - resulting in a three car accident.

This is a picture of a van that rear ended my friend (My friend's name is Ashley). Sorry, I don't have any pictures of my friends car. The next day I went to her house, and got my friend and took her places she needed to go, like the school and stuff. By the time I could of gotten a picture, her insurance had already came and got the car. So I never got a chance. The picture of the van may not be the best, but my sister took the picture, and she's not the best picture taker. (LOL) She was on her way to the store when this van not paying attention rear ended her. (My friend is only 16, and had her license for only a month when this happened.) My friend had three other people in the car with her. My friend and the person in the van, were both coming from a volleyball game. My friend was going to the store. The guy in the van had his wife and kids in the van at the time of the accident. This accident was not my friends fault. This is what happened.

My friend was going down the road. There was a car in front of my friend. Riding down the road with their blinker on, all of a sudden they stopped and as my friend hit her brakes, she let off of the brake and was about to go out and around the car in front of her, when suddenly she was rear ended by the van, the van picked up my friends whole back end, (her trunk was over the guys engine) which snapped his hood in two. (his hood was fiber glass). As he picked her trunk up, he pushed my friend into the car in front of her. Her whole front end got smashed in. On the front passenger side. My friends car was a 2004 Kia something, I can't remember the name of it. The van was a 1994 Ford Windstar. The van's airbags deployed. My friends airbags DIDN'T deploy! and it's a 2004!! The car in front of my friend only got a scratch while my friends front end got smashed in. Lucky for that person.

My friend said it all happened so fast, all of a sudden she was on the other side of the road with her car all smashed up in the back and in the front. Her back bumper was COMPLETELY ripped off. A guy in the car got out and picked up the bumper so traffic could go by. The foam behind the back bumper even got ripped off. (Probably happened when he picked her trunk up.) The trunk was all smashed in, tail lights hanging, back doors wouldn't open. Her front end was all smashed in, front bumper was hanging a little, headlight all smashed out, hood all pushed up, and the front side panel was crumped in badly. My friends car is totaled, so isn't the van. The car my friend hit, isn't totaled, doesn't even have 100 dollars worth of damage. It's still shocking to know my friend had a 2004 car and her airbags never deployed. BUT she never got hurt, nor the three other people in the car with her. The girl in the passenger seat was signing a check on the dash, so if the airbags would of deployed, she would of gotten hurt!! Thank god they didn't tho. My friend driving got a black eye and whiplash. The girl the passenger seat got back and neck pain. The two in the back got nothing. Except one, he had neck pain the next day. Other than that. The insurance still hasn't paid, which there still working on. But the things to this story is, always be alert! Pay FULL time attention! (Your surposed to anyways.) and watch for what others are doing, even if their riding with their blinker on. Thats how this accident happened. Dude riding with his blinker on, all of a sudden stopped and van not reacting fast enough hitting my friend. PAY ATTENTION OUT THERE! and ALWAYS WEAR YOUR SEATBELT! it saves lifes!


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