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Blizzard Causes Accident: Driving Home on 26, during blizzard,
Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin

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Snow crash Accident Pic

Location: highway 26 outside Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin

Date: 1-21-05 Driving home on 26, during blizzard, i was following a truck and we were doing about 50mph since we didnt have to bad visibility and the roads werent to bad yet (at least for me). well all of a sudden a white car came across into my lane sideways after over correcting nearly ramming the truck and i t-boned it at full speed, after 1 hour and having the other cars passengers all go to the hospital i was finally cut out of the car and sent to the hospital, i had a broken femur and hip, and i was sent to uw madison for 11 days for leg work, i have both screws and a rod in my leg, but nothing for the hip.

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