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Ford Bronco Rollover
Florence Junction, Arizona

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Ford Bronco Before the Crash

So yeah, I belong to an online Bronco four wheeling club that is nationwide and I was searching the site and came across some pictures of a fellow Arizonian Bronco owner. He had just been out to a place called Martinez Canyon where my boyfriend and I, and some other AZ members had just been a few weeks prior. Up the trail in the canyon is some wicked four wheeling that goes along side of the mountains. It goes up and up and up until you reach the top then you go down another mountain. It's really intense and it gets really high up, anyway he had posted some pictures under a forum titled I rolled my Bronco.

Well when I looked at the pictures I was surprised he even survived. The Bronco had rolled off the side of a mountain!! It rolled approximately 150 feet. The fiberglass shell broke and came off, the only way he survived was because the back of the drivers seat broke and he was able to lay down. The truck landed upside down almost completely smashed, so when it finally stopped rolling he was able to crawl out where the shell used to be.

So when he got back, he had arranged a recovery run, where they would get as many people as possible to go out there and help to get it. Well since it was in December 2004 in AZ, it was actually rainy and cold, and we freeze in winter weather. So on a rainy cold foggy Saturday, the Jeep-aholics four wheeling club and some other Jeep club and the fullsize Bronco club went out and winched the rolled Bronco out of the canyon up the hillside, well they couldn't do it all in one day, so it took two weekends to get it home. Luckily noone messed with it or took anything off of it while it sat in the bottom of the canyon. Funny thing though, since it sat upside down it didn't leak at all, Bronco's are funny like that, they only leak right side up.

Moral of the story, PLEASE be careful when out fourwheeling and go with many people and don't go on a trail that isn't well traveled. Also, take enough equipment to get you out of a situation like this, accidents happen everywhere. Too bad insurance doesn't cover four wheeling accidents unless you pay lots of money to get that kind of coverage... ;-)

Thanks for listening
A.R. Mesa, AZ

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