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Holden Special Crash
Melbourne, Australia

I t-boned a 96 sl 500 AMG mercedes coupe worth about AU$170,000.

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 Holden Special Crash Melbourne, Australia
Holden Wrecked: Frontal Damage!!!!

In August 03 i smashed my car for the last and final time. I was traveling down a road and it was dark and heavy rain the traffic lights in front of me were changing and even though it was sort of like a y shaped intersection i thought i could take the corner easily so i kept going and i got there too late next thing i knew was all airbag and fumes.

I t-boned a 96 sl 500 AMG mercedes coupe worth about AU$170,000. Neither of us were badly injured i was sore from the seat belt and i chipped a tooth and the other bloke banged his head. Needless to say now the insurance company wont pay, the bloke in the other car owns a smash repair shop and a few tow trucks and a guy i know drives a tow truck and knows this guy so they think we arranged it all. Scumbags. So im off to court soon and the worst thing is they have given me back my wreck with about $2000 extra dammage they did to it with a fork lift while they had it in storage.

Heres the $2000 damage they did. they hit a yellow pole in the storage rack. I was going to fix it but now im not sure. thats 2 more panels to fix and now a whole car to paint.

Robert G. Submitted: 11 January 2004

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