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Deer Accident
Montgomery, Pennsylvania

My 1988 Caravelle met head on with an 8 point White Tail Deer.

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Deer Accident Montgomery, Pennsylvania

Montgomery, Pennsylvania: In late December 2003 I was on my way to pick up my wife at her sisters house. I have been working on a racecar with my brotherin law Kevin. On Route 405 between Montgomery and Muncy PA My 1988 Chrysler Caravelle met head on with an 8 point White Tail Deer. Here in Pennsylvania, there are lots of them, you never see them when you are sitting in the frigid cold hunting, but with my luck, i saw one, with my headlights, then, WAMMMM!

I sent the deer flying about 50 feet, parts of my car flew all over the place. I had to replace the radiator hoses and now the car sits behind my house, dead as a door nail. I did have my seatbelt on, and I felt the seatbelt hold me back when i hit it, so, I guess it did help me from hitting the windshield. Not sure what became of the deer, it layed for a minute then jumped up and took off, with some broken legs of course.

Jon D.

Submiited: 23 January 2004

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