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Honda Driver Falls Asleep New York

Hi My name is Jay, I was getting home one morning after work (10pm-6am) when I recieve a call from a friend I haven't heard from a long time, when he tells me he needs to see me cause he's got a problem, well I just got back from work, but tell me what happens (I said).

He said he got involved into a car accident, I saked: are you alright? and he said yeah I'm alright but my car is messed up, I asked him where he was and he said "around your house" , ans I told him to come over.

When I told him to explain to me what happend he said he felt asleep......and he hit another car in the rear end, he had a girl with him and I asked if she was all right cause I seen his windshield cracked and he said she's mad and she's banged her head on the windshield

They were partying all night and the accident happened at 4:00am

He was more worried about fixing his car so his father wouldn't find out...

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