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Montero Tire Issue

My mom had a 2002 Mitsubishi Montero Limited. Here is her story.

My mom was traveling on Hwy 57 toward Eagle Pass, TX, around 1100 at night. She came around a turn at about 75mph. She did not notice some people on the side of the road changing a tire until she came right up on them. She swerved to miss them and began sliding sideways and then began to spin, this is the point where she closed her eyes held on tight the steering wheel. She felt the truck jerk violently for about 3 seconds. She opened her eyes when everything stopped.

The stereo and headlights were still on. The engine was running and the truck was still in Drive. She didn't know which way the truck was pointing and the compass was reading Malfunction. She did not see anyone and around and tried to move the truck off the roadway to avoid any further accidents. The truck would barely move as she pushed the gas. She heard metal screeching on the road. She tried to open the driver door and would not open easily. She opened it with a hard push and it flung open. At the point, the engine died along with all the lights. She began walking back to the people who were chaning a tire and they were running toward her.

The police eventually came and she went back to the truck as they shined lights on it. She was still in a daze and began to notice the truck was lopsided. At that point she realized she had flipped it. The bystanders on the road told her they heard it flip several times. She was very fortunate to be wearing her seatbelt. She pretty much walked away unscathed with 1 superficial scratch. The right side of the truck was pretty much untouched which is clue as to how fast the truck was rolling.

I warned her about the these trucks being top-heavy. She has since then bought a new Eddie Bauer Expedition and feels much safer now.


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