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Volvo Cut Off by Sundance
Norton, Massachusetts

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This Volvo Crash : Pic 2

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Sundance Accident

I didn't see this accident until after I arrived so I did not witness it. I think there are two possible scenarios:


I included diagrams so you will know what I'm talking about J


Scenario #1:



The Volvo was traveling down Reservoir St. on September 25, 2001. All of a sudden, the Sundance came up from behind and wanted to pass the Volvo and make a right turn onto Elm St. at the same time. However the driver misjudged the turn and ended up turning into the other car.




Scenario #2:


The Volvo had a stop sign as it came to a stop at the end of Elm St. It was intending to take a left turn onto Reservoir St. At the same time, the Sundance was coming down Reservoir St. The two failed to see each other because of the large amount of trees and/or or bushes on the corner of Reservoir St. and Elm St. Therefore, they both continued driving and drove into each other.



Just thought I'd share


Just to let you know, there were no injuries whatsoever in this accident. Both drivers walked away. The ambulance didnt even need to be called. There were no hard feelings either. I thought the two woman were very kind to each other because after they got out and were like Oh my God, are you alright? one of the ladies asked the other Do you have a cell phone I could use to call for a ride home? and the other one was like Oh yeah, sure. And quickly dug it out of her purse and handed it to her.

Erik S. Norton, Massachusetts

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