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Ohio Car Accident

Well I was 17 at the time we all were. It was the day after Graduation. My friend Stacy graduated. So Steacy, Fran (her b/f), and me went to Lahatan in Dayton. We were there for about 3 hours and we decided to leave. And on our way Stacy wanted to stop at a girls house and so we went around her house cause she wasn't their. So we got back on the highway.

We were on 6 mile canyon behind a truck pulling a boat. He turned off to the right and the other car didn't wait to see if anything was comming and just came out and when he saw us he stopped in the middle of the road. We were going 55 in a 65.

We bounced back 26 feet from where we hit him. It was a Ram 2500 Gray truck. I blacked out and when I woke up the first thing I heard was "She has to go first she's the worst." I couldn't see anything but white. My stomach was killing me.

My seat belt had burnt and shredded two feet of my small intestines and since my feet were under the driver seat it broke both my legs from ripping the driver seat out of the floor board.

I was in a coma for two weeks and in the hospital all together for a month. it didn't take long to walk again but it's all thanks to Care Flight. No one else got hurt but me. I was sitting behind the driver. Where non of the damage was.


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