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Hi my name is christina and I was in a car wreck Feb.23,2004. I was on my way home from Maryland on 295 going back towards Virginia.

Well this was about 300-330 in the morning when I got in my car accident. I got hit going 45 mph down the freeway and the speed limit was 45.

Well I was in the middle lane and this car came up out of the blue on the free way and rear ended me hard and I was wearing my seat belt. I had a 89 honda civic, 4door. The guy had to have hit me going 70 mph down the freeway, when he hit me he made my car go faster and it spun. When it spun it went backwards about 10 feet. I had to throw my car into neutral and started mashing on the brakes to get my car to stop. It kept going backwards and the other car maneuvered around me and there was traffic coming towards me and all of a sudden I looked to my right and seen a wall and my car slammed right into the wall. The other car looked like he backed into the wall the way his was sitting. There was not front end on his car nor back bumper. So I am very lucky to be alive out of the car wreck. I thank the lord for that and my seat belt.

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