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Pizza Delivery Gone Awry
Murphy, Texas

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Skid Marks

I'm a delivery driver for Papa John's Pizza, This happend one night while on delivery. I was driving north on Murphy road, doing about 45-50 MPH. as I came over a hill I saw this white Chevy Corsica start to back out of a driveway, I swerved to the left to try and miss it, but she back all the way out, so I jammed on my brakes and locked them up good. I skided right into the rear quaterpanel of her car, spinning her completly around and knocking her into a tree, I skidded another good 10-20 feet after the impact. After my car came to a stop I shook it off and jumped out, I ran to the other car to see if the girl was ok. She was a little shook up but otherwise ok. The man that lived across the street called the cops for us, She gave her statment and I gave mine and then I had my car towed to my house.

Well, I figure that would be the end of it right? Wrong! At the time I was realy not mad at the girl, Accedents happen, and yelling and cussing at her would not have gotten my car unwrecked. After all, nether of us was hurt and thats all that realy mattered at the time. I kinda felt sorry for the girl, I used to work with her at Hardee's a few years back, so I knew her. She had just got out of the hospital after having been in a bad wreck in which she totaled out her brand new truck. Then she had finaly gotten another car, she had gotten this Corsica a week before. She only had Liability on it. So I did kinda feel bad for here, but it was her fault and I did expect her to pay for it.

A couple of days later I'm driving in my Rent-A-Taurus. I just happen to get a delivery to her house. I of course ask her how she was doing, she said she was a little sore, but ok. Then she sees my rental and asks me if my insurence was gonna pay for hers too. Thats when I knew there would be trouble.

That following Monday I get a copy of the police report, and if of course shows exactly what happend. That she backed out and I locked up my brakes, pretty cut and dry. So I get her insurance info off it and pay a visit to American Family. They tell me that they have to talk to the girl before they can do anything. Takes about a week before they can reach her. Then I find out that they don't wanna pay me cause she says its my fault that I was speeding. But here's the kicker, she tells them that I was doing at least 55 in a 35. I loved that. I informed the insurence company that I was doing 50 at the most, but it was not a 35 zone, Its not even posted! and the law is, on a county road with no posted limit the limit is 55MPH! So they checked it out and I was right. Then the girl desides that she was not backing out, but she was pulling in and I rear ended her! I informed the insurence company that that was bull!

That the damage did not match up for that kind of impact, and besides, she told the state trooper at the seen that she was backing out! When I told them that they said that she was going to talk to the police and get the report changed. So I get on the phone with the state police and ask them if she can, they tell me that only the Trooper that did the report can change it. So I leave my name and number. Next day I get a call from the Trooper. I tell him whats going on, heres what he tells me..."Well son, it
was pretty obviouse what happened when I got there, She told me that she was backing out, and I'm not about to change that report". So I call up the insurance company. I tell them whats going on,

They tell me that they cannot issue a check till they try to talk to the girl again. But they are going to start paying for my rental car. Another week goes by and they can't get ahold of her, so they deside to settle with me. They totaled out my Tbird. I got $4100 for it, $60 for my tow bill and $700 for my car rental. I still owed $3200 for my car, so it got payed off. And I had $900 left for a down payment on my new car, a 2002 Mustang!

I would like to thank Ford for making such a strong car, as hard as I hit, I hardly felt a thing, I did not get so much as a bruse from the impact. I would also like to ad that Seat belts do save lives, so please folks, wear them! I would also like to thank God, I'm sure if it wernt for him I'd surly be dead by now.

Daren J. S.

Note Police car door on right

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