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Failed to See Stop Sign Crash Accident

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Alabama Crash

Hello, My name is Mandy and this is the story of an accident I was in earlier this year. It was Jan 22, 2004 around 10pm when my Fiancee, his friend, and myself were on our way to the store. I was the only one that had been there before and knew the way, and decided to take a short cut down a dark road along a bridge.

As we made the turn off the main road and onto a small connector road my fiancee failed to stop at the stop sign (which was covered by dense limbs and leaves) We were met by a Volvo going atleast 50mph. My fiancee seeing this, tried to speed up to avoided striking them as the Volvo clipped the back drivers side fender.

The impact spun us around a full 360 and we landed facing the road in thick brush. We were extremely lucky, being in a 2dr 02 civic si that the impact hadnt hit my fiancee's door. Our car landed a few feet from a telephone pole and the thick brush saved us from going down a 20ft drop. I was the only one out of the 3 of us that was wearing my seatbelt. My fiancee was thrown into the side of the window causing his skin to slice above his eye, he got 25 stitches and a horriable scar. The passanger in the back had minor back injuries and whiplash. The driver of the other car was okay. I can only hope that my fiancee has learned to slow down and wear his seatbelt, I could never imagine going through what some of the writers on this site have.


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