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Thrill Hill " Airborn" Incident 3-14-97 in Ford Thunderbird.
East Bridgewater, Massachusetts

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Thirll Hill Crash Massachusetts

Story: My cousins and two of our friends were taking the long way back from the mall in Taunton, Massachusetts. On the way home I was goofing around in the car and jumped a railroad crossing. Then my cousins told me about "Thrill Hill." "Thrill Hill is a bridge on the borders of East Bridgewater and West Bridgewater, Ma. It was poorly designed, so that a car going over forty mph will go airborn. I decided to try it.

My cousins showed me the way to the bridge and I saw a football field of length in front of me before I got to the bridge. I floored it. The odometer stopped at eighty five but the engine was reaving higher so I knew we were going at least a hundred. The car went over the bridge and into the air.

My cousin in the passenger seat and said he could see the powerlines along side the road drop below the car and rise back up. In other words, we were over twenty feet off the ground, but I cut the wheel to the left a little while in the air. We came down with a loud bang. The car went left so I turned the wheel to the right. The car went right too far and I turned it back to the left. Then the car spun and the passenger side was going forward. I heard a loud bang and I closed my eyes. I opened them to see a spiderweb across the windshield. I looked at my window to see it was gone.

My cousin was strapped in the seat next to me with his hair standing straight up in the air. On the cealing I saw my cigarettes, tapes, my jacket and broken glass. That was when I realized we rolled. It turned out, the loud bang was the back of the car hitting a three ton boulder infront of a house. The car came to rest on its roof back in the street. All five of us walked out of the car through the rear window with minor injuries because we were wearing our seatbelts. The car on the otherhand was totally destroyed, except for this photo my cousin took after he got out of the car.

Car: 1988 Ford Thunderbird

Weeks Owned: 3

# Occupants: 5

Location Of Crash: West Union St. Bridge East Bridgewater, Ma (a.k.a.

Thrill Hill)

Speed Before Crash: Est. 105-110 MPH

Speed Limit: 30 MPH

Height Of Jump Over Bridge: Est. 20-25 ft

Length Of Jump Over Bridge: 68 ft

Object Hit: Three Ton Boulder

Injuries: Two Stiff Necks, Two Cut Hands, One Bruised Knee

Damage: Total

Only Working Parts: AM/FM Cassette Player, A/C

Driver's (My) Age: 17

Passengers Ages: 17, 17, 16, 14

Passengers Relation To Me: Two Cousins, Two Friends

As Of Today: Alive And Well

Car: 1988 Ford Thunderbird

Date: 03/14/97

Town: East Bridgewater, Massachusetts

Driver and age: Daniel, 17

Passengers, ages, and location in car (relation to driver): Tommy, 17, middle of back seat (cousin), Shane, 14, front seat (younger cousin), Rob, 17, behind front passenger (friend), Jamie, 16, behind driver (friend)

Submitted by Daniel on June 10,2001

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