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Pontiac Wrecked: Lands on Tree

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Pontiac wreck

Ok I was driving through a parking lot...yup a parking lot I was cutting through an abaondoned parking lot ...going a little too fast prob about 40 maybe 50 and i hit a pothole...the car went out of control and while i attempted to make a last minute turn to save my life from the median ahead I swearved my car to the left...too late and in my attempt to save my life i instead increased my speed 2x i hit the median a curb and the car flipped.

(I guess....I got knocked the hell out) the car then upsidedown hit a tree then landed on top of the tree (I guess I was going fast enough to blast the tree) so anyway i woke up about 10 seconds after my car halted to the stop i unlatched my seatbelt fell to the bottom of the car and cut my knees from the glass shattered all over the place....I was fine though i walked away from the crash and i live to tell the take that seatbelts are the greatest thing ever...


Submitted July 11,2001

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