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1999 Hyundai accent Taken Out
Brooklyn, New York

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Hyundai Accent Accidents

This was my very first new car. I enjoyed this car from the day I brought it home from the showroom. I have always considered myself to be a very good driver and a safe driver. I am a 35 year old mother of 2 young boys, thank God they were not with me . On Aug 22,2001, I had my first car accident. I was going thru a green light at a 4 way intersection in Brooklyn New York (Bragg st. and Ave W), it was then that I saw a car also going in the other direction coming towards me at a ridiculously fast speed.

The other driver tore the whole front of my car off and kept going, he landed down the block facing the oncoming traffic. Both my air bags exploded and the front windshield broke along with the passenger side window. At the sceen of the accident these lovely people came to help themselves to my handbag which was in the car. I got the bag back when I was in the ambulance of course it was missing my money and check book. The car itself was considered total by my insurance company.

My injuries were air bag burn on my left arm, numbness of my left arm and leg. A bruised cocsis (tailbone) and sore all over. It was a week earlier that I had said to myself, "I WONDER HOW THESE LITTLE CARS HOLD UP IN AN ACCIDENT" I wanted to share my pictures and story with you. Small and all I am still here, thank god.

Signed hyndai accent owner.


L. S.

PS: I forgot to tell you what year the car was it was a 1999 and I had it for 2 years and 4 months.

Submitted September 5, 2001

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