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Camaro Wrecked
Gainesville, Florida

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a broken leg, shattered ankle bone, dislocated ankle, dislocated 3 of his fingers, and broke two of them, over 100 stitches, and 3 broken ribs.

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Camaro Crashed

Hi I'm Tessa and I had an accident near Gainesville, Florida. I was having some new preformance parts put on my Camaro to beef up the horsepower, after the car was done, me and my brother went to the shop to pick it up. My brother insisted that he drive it first to check out how it was running, so I hopped on the passenger seat, and we started driving there. About a mile from the car mechanics shop, there was a 99 crystler van sitting in the median headed the opposite direction, to take his left turn. The, get this, the PREACHER, decided to take his left turn, in our path. My brother slammed the breaks, but we were unable to stop in time, smashing his entire right fender and door. The speed of impact was approximately 55 miles per hour. At the time of the accident, I didnt even realize what was coming, and the next thing I do remember was sitting in the Emergency Room several towns away.

After I came to and had an idea of reality, I realized that I had been knocked out from slamming into the windshield. I had some severe cuts and scrapes on my forehead and neck. My brother, on the other hand, had much more injuries, including a broken leg, shattered ankle bone, dislocated ankle, dislocated 3 of his fingers, and broke two of them, over 100 stitches, and 3 broken ribs. Because of the way his finger and ankle broke, hes going to permanently have internal pins placed. Hes never going to be able to walk okay or have a job being on his feet. His entire dream of having a career in Law Enforcement is ruined because of the accident. He is still in the hospital 2 weeks later undergoing several sergeries for his injuries. Im lucky I didnt come out more mangled than I did. If i were wearing a seatbelt at the time, I probably wouldnt of been hurt at all. Being that we were only test driving the car, and I knew my turn was up soon to drive, I figured not to even put it on, but its when you least expect something like this to happen, it does. About the only thing Ive learned from the accident is that seatbelts help, and accidents are some scary shit! Wear them!!!

Tessa S.

Attatched are pics of my car after the wreck!

Attatched are pics of my car after the wreck!



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