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Head on Collision

Whats Left of a Smart Car [See Correction below- most likely Volkswagen Cross Fox] .. Head on Collision with Truck on Highway. The people in the car did not survive.

Mark P. from Winnepeg, Canada

Comments from our viewers:

Editors note: The pics sent in here included some graphic ones which we do not post for reasons of good taste and respect. BK
Hi there From pic #2 I can tell it's really a VW Cross Fox. The plates start with DO, which means the car is originally from São Paulo (SP) state in Brazil (first letters "B", "C" and "D" were reserved for São Paulo State).

From pic #3 I can tell the accident happened somewhere inland the São Paulo state. The leftmost white-black-red car in the picture is a typical SP police car. The ambulance on the right of the pic also is typical from SP. The guy on gray uniform beside the ambulance is a SP state police officer.

Furthermore, that kind of truck is very commonly seen in inland roads in SP and are used to carry sugar-cane. I can't tell from the pictures, but they usually are a tractor and two trailers filled with just harvested sugar cane, which make them very heavy. They are very slow when climbing up and can be dangerously fast when going down.

The pics suggest that the CrossFox driver invaded the truck's lane. It's not uncommon to drivers to sleep on the wheels driving on these long straight sections of the reads.

Thank you for not posting strong graphics and covering parts of the posted pictures. Although quite morbid, I think that letting people know how ugly a crash scene can be can help to increase the awareness of how a dangerous weapon our beloved cars can become.

Please, post my name as just "M.R.".  I'm from São Paulo city, in Brazil. MR Posted 12/16/07

Hello!! I was just lookin thru your site and saw a new pict. Just a note that this was NOT a Smart car. Probibly a Susuki or something. It was a four seater. and Smart does not offer the spair tire on the rear. Just wanted to pass this on as Smart is a mutch stronger car than it looks. Cheers and "Buckle up" Wes B. Posted 3/20/07

About the accident "Head-on Fatal Crash Winnepeg, Canada": this accident did not happen in Canada but in Brasil. The city is Brasilia and the car is a VW CroosFox. In "pic 5", the car is in a plattform, and we can see the word "disque", which means "dial" in portuguese. I don´t know anithing else about this accident. Fred Posted 3/21/07
This accident is not in Winnepeg Canada. In fact, it doesn't look like its in North America. In picture 6, you can see French words on the flatbed and a phone number that does not relate to any North American number. Eric Sch. Posted 3/21/07
You can tell its not in Canada. Look at the foreign license plates on the cars around it. They're not Canadian license plates, looks like England license plates, or France. Look at the cop car also in pic 3, thats not a Canadian Mountie vehicle. Looks like a Russian police vehicle. My opinion, that accident was not in Canada. Plus that isn't a Smartcar. In pic 1 you can see on the door a word. A person already said what kind of vehicle that is and along the door I can see CroosFox. You can see it all but in pic 6 you can see the word "fox". GreG Posted 3/22/07
Dear Sirs: The car in the pictures is a VW CrossFox, made in Brazil by VW. The car is sold in several countries in America (Including Mexico) but not in Canada nor in the USA. Antonio D. Posted 3/22/07
Hey, this is about the car accident of the VW CroosFox Car Versus Truck in Brasilia, Brasil? I just want to say THANK YOU for not posting the brutal pictures of what the driver looked like! I saw the pictures in one of my driving classes and I can honestly say, I got up from my seat, went to the washroom and got sick and didn't sleep that night. Those pictures of the passenger, were the worst, most graphic pictures it has ever been my displeasure to see. so once again, THANK YOU for NOT!!! posting them on the internet Mackenzie P Posted 9/25/07
This is NOT A SMART CAR!!!! It is a Volkswagen CrossPolo.  And it is Brazil not Canada; look at the license plate on the Polo. has2manycars Posted 9/26/07

Comments from viewers:

Editors note: The pics sent in here included some graphic ones which we do not post for reasons of good taste and respect.

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