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Mercury Cougar Meets Deer
Washington, Pennsylvania

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Mercury Deer Mess

My name is Nichole R. and I live in Washington, Pennsylvania. These are pictures of my 99' Mercury Cougar after hitting a deer on Wednesday, November 14, 2007.
I woke up late for work one morning, and I already have a half-hour drive to work everyday. I rushed to get ready and I was on Route 19 South (I think it's South) which is about halfway between my house and where I work in Waynesburg. It's a back country road and since I was in a hurry and there are NEVER cops around, I was driving a little faster than I should have been.
One part of the road, there is a very windy, steep uphill stretch. There are 2 lanes for that side and I always felt more comfortable driving in the middle lane. Big mistake on this day. I still think if I had been in the far right lane I might have JUST missed this deer.
Well I was coming around the first bend and I remember a few seconds earlier I had glanced down to see that I was going 60mph. Stupid yes I know. It all happened within a split second, a huge buck ran out from a driveway on my left which was hidden behind an embankment. It was running so fast, I didn't even have time to hit my brakes. I hit the deer with mainly the left side of my car and because I was on such a slope, it actually slid up my hood and up my windshield and straight up into the air!  I don't know how far up it flew, but I can say that it made it over the entire right lane and landed on the side of the road right beside the guard rail. Thankfully it was killed instantly.
After our insurance looked over my car, the damage came to $3,100. If there was about $200 or so more damage done, my car would have been totaled. But I came out of it just a little shaken and that was all. I was thankful because I know it could have been much worse since it went up my windshield but for some reason never did any damage to it at all.
And PS this was the best part of it all. My husband's birthday was that coming Saturday and he had to work. It was a wednesday and he actually had that day off and when I called and told my work that I would be late, I mentioned that I had wanted that day off anyway to spend it with him, but they said they weren't sure how my boss would feel about it so to just come in. Not even 2min after I hit the deer, I called and told my work I wouldnt be able to come in because I wasn't sure how much damage had been done at the time and she told me she was just getting ready to call me because she had talked to my boss and said it was okay for me to just turn around and go home, that I could have the day off!!!
But this did teach me a lesson and since that day I NEVER drive fast on any back road for any reason.


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