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Interior of Crash Wreckage
Pretoria, South Africa

I cracked my hip and pelvis in 3 places, broke my pelvis in 2 places and recieved allot of lacerations to my face and arm and leg

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Interior of Crash Wreckage

Hi, I am from South Africa. This accident happened in Pretoria.This happened on 22 November 2002 at 03:30 in the morning. I was a test driver of new vehicles and had alot of driving courses and experience behind my name at the time of accident. So that just showes you that no matter what you do if it is ment for you to be it is ment to be so. I was about 19 years old at the time of accident.

I was on my way to work, in my moms car a 1997 Fiat Uno 1000cc (my car was in for a service) when I came around a corner at +- 100kmp/h (the speed limit) and saw a bakkie coming towards me not doing less then 160 kmp/h. The bakkie was in my lane and then went back to his when suddenly about 3 meters infront of me he lost control and came my way. I tried to swerve (no time to hit the brakes) but he still hit me at +- 140 kmp/h head-on.

I was wearing my seat belt but only woke up outside the car. The guy from the bakkie was also ejected from his bakkie and told me that he is sorry and that he phoned the ambulance. Well, looking at the car I should not be alive today. I cracked my hip and pelvis in 3 places, broke my pelvis in 2 places and recieved allot of lacerations to my face and arm and leg that will show my battle scars for the rest of my life.I could only start walking 3 months later. I still have a bit of pain but I could of been in a wheel chair. I lost my job but 8 months later I am back at a better job and all is going well. This just showes me that there is always hope, no matter what. The PERSON up stairs will alway keep a look out for you.

Submiited: January 2004


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