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Truck Hits Buick: Double Fatality

"The semi T boned them at 65 Mph... both were Killed"

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Fatal Car Accident PicturesFatal Accident Truck

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Fatal Truck Crash

This happened on I-80 going westbound in Central Pennsylvania in September 2003. I was traveling westbound in the fast lane following the semi truck seen in these pictures. We were about to pass a newer Buick (seen in pictures) when this happened.

There was a 76 year old driver and 85 year old passenger. I saw them turn on their left turn signal but they were in the slow lane (right lane). They then suddeny turned at 60 Mph right in front of the semi truck.

The semi T boned them at 65 Mph. I had to slam my brakes on and slid into the grassy median and called 911. I took these digital pics while waiting to speak to the state trooper who was still with the truck driver. Both women were killed and it was an incredibly ugly scened that I walked up to.

Comments from viewers:

Wow. I will want to drive slower around these big rigs! Posted by Klein 8/27/07

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