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"my brother died on August 23,2001"
16 Year Old Killed in Mustang Accident
Clinton Twp, MI.

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Fatal Mustang Crash

This is my brothers car after he was involved in a accident following the first rain on August 16th ,2001, on Grosebeck, N. of Elizabeth in Clinton Twp, MI.

My brother was driving. Eric had left that morning to go to sign up for school. He would've been a seinor (high school). He met two of his friends up there at the school. He followed one of his friends back to his house to drop off his car, and that friend got in my brothers car to go to the other friend, Matt's house. They spent about an hour and a half at his house. He had to go for a hair cut. So Eric (my brother) and Erik the other boy went to pick up a perscription that my brother had forgotten at work. On their way back to Matt's house, they were riding behind a F-350 who was spitting up rain into the windshield. So my brother passed him on the right and in the process of downshifting(because he had a 5.0 Mustang stick shift)he spun out of control and began to hydroplane. He spun across all 4 lanes of traffic and was hit by an on coming southbound S-10.

My Brother had flew out of the back hatch and the other boy, Erik was trapped in his seatbelt which had severely injured him. Erik S. and my Brother Eric were both rushed to Mount Clemens General Hospital where they both stayed till my brother died on August 23,2001. Erik S. is currently at the Craig Institute in Colorado where he is going under rehibilation for his paralyzed spine.

My Brother was born on October 3,1984 and died August 23,2001. He was 16.

Cheryl W

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