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Mitsubishi Mighty Max Crash
Dudley Shoals Rd in Granite Falls, NC.  

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Hi there.  My name is Justin Cornett.  I am a survivor of a terrible accident that happened October 3, 2008.

I was passenger in a 1988 Mitsubishi Mighty Max driven by my friend and co-worker Allen H.  
We work together doing landscaping and the morning this happened we were heading to our first job site  for the day.  The mighty max was pulling a utility trailer which carried a 42" cut Craftsman riding mower. In the bed of the truck we had all of our other mowing equipment including two leaf blowers, a push mower, two weed-eaters, a pair of gas powered hedge trimmers, rakes, pitch forks, two containers of gasoline, and other things we were using.  

The mighty max also had a locking toolbox in the bed which was packed with  all kinds of screw-drivers, wrenches, pliers, screws, nails, and many other alike things packed to the brim. The accident happened less that 2 miles from our starting point which was our house on the Dudley Shoals Rd in Granite Falls, NC.  

We were traveling north on the road and at the intersection of Dudley Shoals Baptist Church a driver of a 1995 Nissan Maxima failed to stop for the stop sign and impacted the Mighty Max in  my side passenger door.  Her car turned clockwise and as our utility trailer clipped the back of her car it turned back around sending our truck air-borne and landed 30 feet on it's top on the other side of the road.

I was alert and was able to free myself upside down and made sure Allen was alive and ok.  We were both wearing seat-belts and I took mine off first and next turning the ignition off as the truck was still running.

I then unbuckled Allen's belt for him because he could not get it off and I crawled feet first through what was my window to get on the outside of the truck.  I walked over to Allen's side and tried to help him out but his back was hurt and a man who stopped to help told him to stay still until the medics got there.  In the meantime realized that the skin was gone from my fingers and that my nails were missing and I could see the bones in my fingers.  I know I braced the roof with my hand as the truck rolled and I had glass and pavement in my

 I wrapped it in my shirt and walked around for a few minutes looking at our stuff.  It was the largest  disaster I had ever seen.  Our stuff was everywhere.  So much stuff littered the road and every piece of equipment we had was crushed or broken.  The tool box exploded and thousands of nuts, screws, nails, tools, and  stuff everywhere.  I happen to have my cell phone in my pocket and began taking pictures.  Then, as the ambulance came I was taken to the hospital in the same ambulance as Allen.  We were both treated and released.

The driver of the other car was taken to a different hospital and suffered minor injuries.  So, no one was killed and the people who were there all said when they drove up they just knew someone was dead.  I am happy to have made it and am thankful to give you my story.  Here are some pictures of the truck as I seen it the next morning at the wrecker service yard.  

Thank You,
Justin & Allen

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