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Chevy Blazer Crashes into Truck

It was close to a head on collision.

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Chevy Blazer Wrecked

Blazer meets a Truck, as the Truck fails to yield the right of way. The truck was at a stop sign, to the right of the road, and just as the driver of the blazer got too far onto the intersection, the driver of the truck pulls out, and comes right towards the Blazer. It was close to a head on collision. Both drivers were treated and released, with long term injuries that are everyday reminder of that crash March 26, 1998

I had a to have knee surgery, and my neck to this day is not normal. I can not turn my neck to the left, for long periods of time, because it gives me a stiff neck that kills me. Also my left hand was kind of numb for 3 months after the wreck, from an injury to my neck. Both shoulders have muscle loss due to the wreck too. I was wearing my seatbelt, but the driver of the truck was not. 

In my wreck, he was cited for failure to yield, and for not wearing a seatbelt, and he sued me for $150,000.00 for my neglience! We both had the same insurance company, it was a 3 year court battle. I won! He did get some money, but not as much as I did. It was a HUGE headace! There are people far worse off than we were. As far as we were not killed, and we still can get around! Thank My Father above! I almost had my 5 year old son with me, it would have propably killed him! When that guy sued me, his attorney demanded a crash report, knowing it would say I did something wrong, but the insurance company said I was not wrong! I was hard to forgive that guy, but with Gods help, I was able to!


Submitted: 17 January 2004

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